Breton Brittle for 的Christmas Holidays

我在十月份在Facebook上发布了有关 布列塔尼的无麸质饼干.  Didn't take long for people to start scouring 的city for them.  哦,男孩值得。 最初在Rexall's找到,现在在伦敦零售商等其他零售商处发现。 Cathy from 的舍伍德公园腹腔支持小组 is 上 e of those people that were scouring 的city and wanted to share 上 e of her favorite holiday recipes that she hasn't had since her diagnosis, 布列塔尼脆性!  请欣赏来自Cathy的客座博客文章

你有一些食谱吗…you know…the “special”你只在圣诞节的时候做的?好吧,我有一个食谱’至今已有近30年的历史了。其实,让我纠正一下。我曾经做到,直到13年前被诊断出患有乳糜泻。 The recipe is for Breton Brittle and I found it in 的Company’s即将推出圣诞节食谱书。它’用布列塔尼饼干制成。众所周知,不存在无麸质的布列塔尼薄脆饼干…到现在!他们终于推出了不含麸质的布列塔尼薄脆饼干,它们很棒!

Of course, I scoured 的city until I found some and rushed home to see if they would work in my recipe. I tried 的recipe and it tastes just like I remember it did 13 years ago! It was fabulous!


  • 28敢无麸质布雷顿饼干
  • 1杯黄油或人造黄油
  • 1杯红糖,包装
  • 配料:
  • 1小包装半甜巧克力片
  • 1/3杯切碎的山核桃或核桃
First, you line a 9 x 13 cake pan with aluminum foil. Then overlap 的crackers to completely cover 的bottom, using 4 crackers across and 7 crackers lengthwise.
  1. Combine 1 cup of brown sugar and 1 cup of butter in a saucepan, stirring constantly until it comes to a boil. Carefully pour 的mixture over 的crackers.
  2. 以400烘烤°F for 5 minutes. 
  3. Remove 的pan from 的oven and immediately scatter a small bag of chocolate chips over 的top. Let stand for a few minutes, until softened. Spread 的chocolate evenly over 的crackers and sprinkle with chopped walnuts or almonds.
  4. Now comes 的hardest part - waiting for it to cool! I usually put mine in 的refrigerator. Once it has cooled and hardened, just break it into pieces like you would any brittle.




  1. That looks interesting! We have found 的Breton crackers at Sobeys in Sherwood Park. The Garlic Herb flavor are quite nice. :)


  2. Just found breton crackers at Walmart and 上 ly $1.44 a box!!!! (Walmart 上 127 Street). They taste great and it is nice that they are 的same price as normal crackers.

  3. 你好
    如果我有一个"favorite recipe"我只是想用类似和好的东西代替那个东西...



    I just tried 的Dufflet version of this and they used puffed rice and almonds.


  4. Also should add instead of fussing with tinfoil you should really try PARCHMENT PAPER- nothing sticks to that and it saves 的headache of peeling sugar off tinfoil bits.....



    For 的no chocolate people, I have made CAROB DIPPED RICE CRACKERS and also carob dip pretzels, 的only problem was I was eating them as soon as they were none for friends left....